Past scholarship recipients

2017 and 2018 scholarship recipient

Kaitlyn Wolterstorff

During my college search, I visited five different universities and met with advisors for their colleges of public health. When I walked into Cunz Hall, the public health building at Ohio State, I immediately noticed the difference from other schools. There was a passion for helping others in all those I spoke to about the different programs and opportunities Ohio State offers. The small size of the college of public health made everything feel a lot more intimate and I knew that Ohio State was a place I could call home. I plan to continue in my studies of public health at Ohio State, hoping to eventually earn a master’s degree in public health-health behavior/health promotion then move back to the Pacific Northwest and use my education to improve health intervention programs across the region.

2019 scholarship recipient

Anjali Paria

Growing up I moved to a couple of places across the U.S. before finally settling in Washington at the start of middle school. I enjoyed the experience and excitement that came along with making new friends, and learning more about myself along the way. I discovered that I enjoy helping others and I have an interest in health professions, which is no surprise growing up with a nurse as a mother. When it was time to search for college I applied to many large public universities, but Ohio State was at the top of my list. I love the diversity that comes along with a large campus like Ohio State, as well as the various clubs and activities available, and the excellent health sciences program. I look forward to exploring the various pathways available to me as a health science major and I know that Ohio State will be the perfect place for this. I hope to take the knowledge I gain and use it to help as many people as I can. During college, I hope to find time to participate in some activities, pledge a sorority, work part-time, and do some volunteering. I look forward to my journey as a Buckeye and finding my passion along the way. I hope to become an alumna that Ohio State can be proud of!

2020 scholarship recipient

Kathryn Nestlerode

I have always had a slight idea of what I wanted to do when I grew up. As a kid, conversations in the car were about vehicle aerodynamics and different engine functions, given I had an engineer father. By challenging myself with various math and science courses, it became clear to me that my passion was Aerospace Engineering. I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in designing airplanes, specifically for the Air Force. It interests me to hear about new technologies and how engineers are designing airplanes to be faster and better, and I knew I wanted to be apart of it. When applying to schools, I also knew I wanted to be apart of a diverse community where students are given the opportunity to thrive. It was a no-brainer when I was accepted at The Ohio State University that I wanted to spend the next few years in Columbus. At school, I plan to fill my time outside of class with research in aerodynamic flow control, continuing to play volleyball, and volunteering in my community.

I am so excited to become a Buckeye and I thank the Alumni Club of Seattle for helping me to further my education and fuel my passions at The Ohio State University! Thank you for everything!

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