Nate Bingman 2008 | Vice President

Being one of the furthest located chapters from Columbus, it’s even more important to build a strong community of alumni, and as the Seattle area growth continues to explode, I look forward to welcoming new and old alumni to Seattle!

Jackie Braidech 1964, Retired Registered Nurse

I feel it is important to have a strong local chapter and I want to do my part in fostering Buckeyes to stay connected and benefit the community. My late husband comes from a long legacy of alums and I want to pay it forward.

Matt Fenstermaker 2013

As a first-generation college student, I’ve learned the importance of having a strong community. Being on the west coast I want to help bring our Ohio State community closer together in our “home away from home.” Our time on campus is short, but being a Buckeye is for life and I want to help others celebrate that whether through events, philanthropy, or supporting the next generation of Buckeyes.

Peter Fitzgerald B.S. 1977 | President

I’ve lived in the Northwest for 37 years, both in Alaska and Washington, and have been involved with the Seattle alumni club for almost 20 years. I love having the opportunity to serve Buckeye Nation, and the club is a great way to help local Buckeyes stay connected, advance their careers, and enjoy life here in the beautiful Northwest. Fun fact: on a visit to Rome, while sheltering from a thunderstorm in the cupola at the very top of St Peter’s Basilica, I found myself surrounded by the entire Ohio State synchronized swimming team. Small world!

Claudius Mbemba 2015 | Young Buckeyes Chair

I create events to engage young Buckeyes living in Seattle. I joined the board to help build a vibrant and thriving community for buckeyes, young and old, in Seattle. A fun fact about me is I played varsity football at Ohio State.

Dorinda Otto 1976 | Board member

I have lived in the Seattle area for years and love being around fellow Buckeyes. We are a special breed! This club is a great way to stay connected and to show your Buckeye spirit. Fun fact: Three of my four siblings are also Ohio State graduates.

Said Sariolghalam B.S. and B.A., 2007, M.P.A 2009, M.H.A 2010 |  Treasurer

I understand and value the resources that Ohio State makes available to its various local clubs and want to ensure that our resource allocation and expenditures are justified and helps meet the club’s visions of growth and that we are in good financial standing as a non-profit organization. Furthermore, I also hope to further energize and help spearhead efforts to encourage our local alumni to pay it forward to the university by donating to our local club’s scholarship fund. As a three-time graduate, I am sure don’t have a shortage of Buckeye spirit and love for Buckeye nation! I am excited to be a part of the efforts to re-energize the Buckeye community in the Pacific Northwest.

Janelle Simms | Incoming Marketing and Communications Chair

My chair position mirrors my professional background of helping nonprofits with communications and fundraising. I look forward to helping spread the word about upcoming events, and connecting with fellow Seattle-area Buckeyes.

Laura Smales 2012 | Events Chair

I want to bring Buckeyes together to experience all the great things Seattle and the Pacific Northwest have to offer. Let me know if there is something you have been wanting to try! Fun fact: I had the opportunity to play the Orton Hall Bells my freshman year.

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